Born of a need to aid the common man, those who walk the path with embers must strive to provide a better Eorzea for the common man.

© Telriah Aurelstar - EAC, a virtual company in a virtual space.

Founded as the namesake of the company, this is the main branch where most will find their line of work under the EAC. Usual jobs here include the protection of caravans, villages, removal of bandits, beast men and vicious animals.

Who Fits?

✢ Sellswords & Mercenaries
✢ Fledgling Adventurers
✢ Medics, Chirurgeons, Healers
✢ Artisans, Smiths, Craftsmen

Current Leader: Linaly Fearjorins

Due to the size of the EAC, a need has been found for an intelligence network, one which can find local problems so they can be handled, as well as information pertaining to new contracts and the like. As such, the EIN (Ember Intel Network) has become an integral part of the EAC.

Who Fits

✢ Information Brokers
✢ Private Investigators
✢ Spies & Trackers

Current Leader: Lunafreya Howaslight

"Better Technology & Magic for a Better Eorzea"

Research & Development, providing better technology and magic for a better Eorzea. While mostly focused on Magitek and Engineering, there is a smaller group dedicated to the research, preservation and restoration of magical artifacts.

Who Fits?

✢ Engineers & Mechanics
✢ Magitek Researchers
✢ Magically Inclined Scholars
✢ Archaeologists

Current Leader: Telriah d'Aurelstar

EAC Leadership

Comprised of experienced members, the EAC is headed primarily by the Board of Directors, the head of the operations. However, there are also those within the leadership circle who are not on the board, assigned the rank of 'Team Leader', who take the lead for smaller departments to help maintain operational integrity.

Telriah Aurelstar

Chief Librarian

Head of the EAC, Telriah is the second to own the company, with her father being the first, and the founder of it. She runs the primary branch, oversees its subsidiaries, and is also in charge of the Research Department within the EAC.

Linaly Fearjorins

Lead Director of Operations

Possibly one of the oldest members within the EAC, Miss Fearjorins was hired on by the previous owner, Telriahs father, as a bodyguard to the young Telriah. With Telriah taking over the company, Linaly has been appointed as the Lead Director of Operations due to her status as a veteran and former Dragoon.

Jace Bryler

Director of Security & Shipping

A veteran of the company, Jace Bryler is an expert with his gunblade, and drinking sake. Jace is the head of Security for the EAC, as well as the captain of their oceanic vessel, the Crimson Dawn. If you cause trouble around him, don't expect to survive.

Lunafreya Howaslight

Lead Director of Intelligence

A common sight throughout the EAC Headquarters, Lunafreya was promoted many moons ago to the position of Lead Director, taking charge of the Intel Network for the EAC, known otherwise as the EIN. Having proven herself useful and adaptive to certain situations, Lunafreya has earned her spot in the Board of Directors.

Laphicet Melophicet

Head of Medical

Experienced in medical fields, both practical and magical, Laphicet came to the EAC following a venture in the Lowlands as part of the Firmament Restoration Initiative. He has since risen through the hierarchy of the company, becoming the head of their medical ward, and personnel in it.

Affiliates, Allies, Contracts

As a business enterprise, the EAC has many affiliated companies, allies, and contracts with other business owners for various uses and needs.

Lapis Luxury, for your luxury goods.

Secret Star Services, the best in delivery & shipping.

Who We Are

The EAC at its core is a group of friends who came together to establish an RP community where others can feel free to tell their story and have fun doing it with friends and likeminded people. Our community is 18+ (with exceptions), and handle story themes from adventure/exploration to the light end of horror and mature themes.

Adventure Belongs to the Bold!

Want to join and partake in the fun? Send a message to any of the folks down below to start the recruitment process! You'll be asked a few OOC questions and be asked for a time through which an IC interview may be conducted to introduce you into the FC itself.

Do note, we use a Dice System for our RP Campaign Events, one which is easy to learn and use, and our officers know how to use effectively. We're always ready to teach others!

In-Game Names

⦿ Telriah Aurelstar
⦿ Linaly Fearjorins
⦿ Jace Bryler
⦿ Lunafreya Howaslight

Discord Tags

⦿ Aurelstar#2632 (Telriah)
⦿ Canary.Cry#3818 (Linaly)
⦿ Jace#4987 (Jace)
⦿ Ash#5588 (Lunafreya)

The Annals of the Ember Adventuring Co.

Various journal entries, reports and notes taken from previous contracts that the EAC has been involved in, chronicled in chronological order.

These are In-Character records of events. For new readers, please ask before taking any of this knowledge In-Character.

Unto a Gods Domain

Work in Progress

Darkness Beyond the Veil

Work in Progress

Have I forgotten who I am? Or does my soul remember?
The echoes of this land permeate my mind, and I must go beyond the veil...

Lost Chronicles of Allag

Deep below ground is where memories sleep...
For anger is restless, and secrets don't keep...

Dark Secrets of EX-ANIMUS

Contacted and hired by VerraGroup Labs & Research, the EAC set out to investigate an Allagan Facility in the Western reaches of Gyr Abania known only as 'The Bitter Wastes'. Thought to be long lost, the Facility is in near perfect condition due to its use by the Garleans, and later, EX-ANIMUS, as discovered by the initial expeditions into Facility 2246C.

During the first two forays, Project 443 was discovered, showing the horrors that the EX-ANIMUS weapons project were making. 443 was set to make Viera into unstoppable mechanized warmachines, though the project did not succeed, leaving only two subjects alive; A2-14, and D4-15. The latter was employed by the EAC, and wanted to end the project once and for all.

The second foray led the group to the stasis chambers where still living subjects of Project 443 were kept, though these were in no way true successes, the reason they were kept alive is not known. However, D2-14 activated the kill switch, terminating her life in the process along the remaining Viera of Project 443, save for A2-14, whose kill switch was altered upon her transfer to an active Garlean Unit working as a black ops group.

The Crystals of Allag

Following the termination of Project 443's remaining specimens, the EAC under supervision of VerraGroup went into Level CM-9, where it was revealed that an Allagan Crystal Experiment had been left to fester and grow, consuming nearly the entire level. Not only that, but corpses left behind had fused into the crystal, bringing some to a level of sentience, and moving to absorb others who would venture into the corridors, as had happened to a few VerraGroup researchers.

The biggest obstacle had been a wall of the crystalline substance, which proved invulnerable to physical attacks, but spells proved its weakness, as one of the EAC's employees, Garion Magnus, used fire-based magic to burn through it, leaving a hole for the EAC to travel through. Gaspard and Arslang would both take samples from it for later use in experiments, mainly for armor and weapons.

With the aid of Overseer Node 362-A, the EAC was given the task to find the central hub of CM-9, and restart Protocol: Harvest so the crystal growth could be put back under proper control, rather than grow rampant further. However, one of the original Allagan scientists, Lycaeon, was in the hub, released from stasis after his body several millenia ago had been consumed by the crystals. His defeat was quick, though no body was left to examine. Protocol: Harvest had also been successfully initiated, allowing the EAC to gather more samples safely for their experiments, with VerraGroups permission.

Enemy from the Shadows

With the threat of crystalline mutants and golems handled, the task now was set to investigating an anomly within the facility- An enemy that was dismantling the security drones and dreadnaughts, and unleashing batches of Allagan clones to keep the EAC at bay. For what purpose? This enemy was unknown, though some feared it was a Garlean incursion. EX-ANIMUS themselves, perhaps.

A Chapter Long Forgotten

Coming Soon

The Limsan Conspiracy

Work in Progress

'Til Sea Swallows All...

The EAC Estate

People of the EAC